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Cartlock 5

CartLocks are specially designed to secure in-flight bar trolleys and ATM cassettes which can fit within recesses to protect it from accidental impact. CartLock 5 comes with acetal locking inserts and is assembled through the heat staking process to enhance security against tampering.



Type:                                    1 piece plastic padlock seal
Length:                                43.4 mm
Width:                                  28 mm
Text / Logo:                        1 line of text / logo + numbering
Numbering:                        Sequential
Material:                             Polypropylene / Acetal
Break Strength:                 N/A
Quantity per box:              1000 in mats of 10
Colours:                              Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, White and others
Applications:                     Fire extinguishers, emergency devices, airline food trolleys, etc