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Einlock Bolt seal

EinLock is high security bolt seal designed for containers and trucks. The barrel is made of high quality ABS material to withstand impact. This bolt seal comes with option of coated or non-coated pin type to suit various application requirements. The Einlock is manufactured to ISO 17712:2006.





Type:                                     2 piece coated and uncoated 8mm metal bolt seal
Length:                                98 mm, 94 mm
Width:                                  11 mm, 8mm
Text / Logo:                        1 line of text / logo + numbering
Numbering:                        Sequential
Material:                             Steel pin and ABS protected locking body
Break Strength:                1350 kg-f
Quantity per box:              250 pcs in a box
Colours:                              Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White Orange
Applications:                     Shipping containers, trucks, etc